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Doubt the reliability of the water meter - The reliability of the water measurement can bechecked on site
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Did you know that water has to be billed according to consumption?

The new EU Energy Efficiency Directive entered into force on 3 November 2020. The directive stipulates that water use must be billed according to consumption.Following the entry into force of the law, old-fashioned on-site meters may no longer be installed. The meters must be a remotely readable model from which the measured readings are transmitted electronically to the real estate systems. Condominiums must ensure the reliable operation of the installed meters before invoicing.


According to the Measurement Directive, the water meter must be easily readable by the resident without the use of tools and auxiliary equipment. The reading of the measurement is facilitated by a display device on the wall of the hall, for example, or the possibility of reading with a smartphone.


Vesimittaripalvelu Oy is an expert who gives the housing company a certificate that the housing company's shareholders receive a fair water bill.

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