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Vesimittaripalvelu Rask Oy - +358 500 326 238
Leave the in-service verification of the water meters to us - The maintenance contract with us will take care of it for you
Vesimittareiden huolenpitosopimus

The maintenance contract for the water metering system guarantees the reliable operation of the water meters and the fair billing of the residents.

What is a maintenance agreement?

Vesimittaripalvelu regularly monitors the operation of the housing company's water meters. This ensures that the apartment-specific water meters always work reliably and that water consumption can be billed fairly to residents.


Alarms included in the water metering system are routed to Vesimittaripalvelu, which immediately takes the measures required by the alarms. Vesimittaripalvelu corrects any meter faults and helps to solve problem situations. In the event of a leak, the cause of the leak will be determined immediately and further damage will be prevented. Vesimittaripalvelu reports to the property manager on a monthly basis any defects or deviations found.


Vesimittaripalvelu will fix any faults and carry out maintenance work within three weeks of the alarm or fault occurring (in the event of a leak, action will be taken immediately). Vesimittaripalvelu ensures that the condominium's apartment-specific water meters operate continuously without interruption.

Scheduled maintenance

Vesimittaripalvelu performs periodic maintenance ofwater meters whenever the meter reading of an individual dwelling exceeds onemillion liters, which is the service interval recommended by the manufacturer.