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Has the housing company carried out a commissioning inspection of the meters? When water is billed according to meters, the metering system must be inspected by a qualified inspector.
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Do water meters work reliably in your condominium - have they been inspected after the meters have been installed and commissioned?

Water meters must function reliably when water consumption is billed according to actual consumption.


There are many things that affect the reliable operation of a water meter.

• The meter must be type approved

• The meter must be installed correctly and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

• The life of the meter is affected not only by age but also by the amount of water flowing through the meter

• The meter must be serviceable and replaceable, ie. the meter must have a sufficiently large service hatch


Only an expert can check the reliable operation of the water meter without disconnecting the meter fromthe water mains.

Deployment review and continuous monitoring are highly important

High quality meters alone do not guarantee reliable water billing. It is essential to ensure the reliable operation of the meters and regular inspections.

To ensure the reliability of the measurement result, the meters must be replaced when one million liters of water have flowed through the meter. In a two-person household, one million liters will be filled with about 15 years of consumption. Mechanical, field-readable meters should be replaced with remotely readable meters.


The reliability of measurement results is highly important when water consumption is billed according to actual consumption.


Our expert service ensures that the housing association’s shareholders receive a fair water bill.

Commissioning inspection of the water metering system

The commissioning inspection examines how the meters are designed for each site and verifies that they are installed correctly. It is important to make sure that each apartment has just the right meter and is installed in the right plumbing. Some apartments may have multiple gauges and they should all be located in just the right place. The bathroom meter must not be crossed with the kitchen meter and the cold water meter must not be in the hot water supply.


Through the inspection, we ensure that the entire process is in order, from the water use situation to the payment of the water bill.